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Ian Snow

Ian Snow Handmade White Paper Lampshade

Ian Snow Handmade White Paper Lampshade

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This beautifully simple and pure white paper lampshade is handmade using the traditional skill of origami. Fashioned into a dome shape, the result is understated elegance. The folds are crisp creating exquisite clean shapes and lines when unlit. Lit, this lampshade gives off a warm ambient glow that shows the high quality of the handmade paper.

    • Unique flat-pack paper design with magnetic fastening
    • Made from handmade paper 
    • Ethically sourced
    • Handmade in Jaipur, India, using traditional and artisan techniques
    • Crisp and clean lines
    • Emanates a gorgeous ambient glow

Please note that it is impossible to make this lampshade from one sheet of paper and overlaps are necessary. They are neatly spaced, executed and designed to be visible when the shade is lit.

Measurements - Dia:38.5cm H:42cm
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