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Independent Gift Shops In Scotland - 01368 864567 UK Delivery £4.50 or Free Over £40
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Run & Fly Clothing

Run and Fly is a quirky and fun British brand made in Leicester. You'll find retro prints, cute animal knits and quirky and colourful pieces to make your wardrobe pop with colour. A lot of Run & Fly Clothing is made in Leicester, United Kingdom and all clothing is made in sweat shop free factories.  They visit them on a regular basis to make sure they meet their high standards. They strive to make clothing that will stand the test of time and make you look and feel good.  Clothing is made in short runs to not over stretch the Run & Fly team and keep them happy, so if your size isn't in stock with us, check back again.

Please note due to the handmade nature of all of our garments sizes may vary from product to product. This is because they are made in different factories using different machinery and all by hand. The fabric dying process can also affect the stretch and fit but we measure each size once the garments are made and make the size chart from this.
The measurements are for the actual garment. We highly suggest having a little measure and seeing what size would fit you best. We put the UK size equivalent to help you make a decision but this is just a guide as depends on how you want them to fit. 

This information will be in the listing.  We use two factories in the UK, one in Turkey and one in India. Sometimes measurements are taken from different places when the garments are created which is why the sizes can vary, this is just the way the different factories work.