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Devon Peek

The Boy In The Stars By Devon Peek & Kirsty Oxley

The Boy In The Stars By Devon Peek & Kirsty Oxley

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The Boy in the Stars is a sensitive and meaningful new picture book written by Devon Peek and illustrated by Kirsty Oxley​.

Dax is a little boy and the stars need his help. They notice he is special and has the ability to help them. So, being too special to stay here on Earth, Dax leaves to live with the stars. This tells the tale of where he went, what he does now, and how his family feels about losing Dax.  

This is a story about loss, to help children and families cope with the subject of losing a loved one. Loss and death can be very difficult and scary subjects for a child to understand and talk about so this story gives the opportunity to open up the discussion and creates a magical view of where a loved one may be now.



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