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Tech Deck

Tech Deck Ultimate Street Spots

Tech Deck Ultimate Street Spots

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The Ultimate Street Spots Set by Tech Deck is their Coast to Coast edition, inspired by real world skate spots and features three legendary famous US skate spots - Brooklyn Banks (NYC), Hubba Hideout (San Fran) and Venice Ledge (Venice Beach). Also included in this set are three tech decks, to get you started and are ready to skate straight out of the box!

Brooklyn Banks: x1 Brick Bank, x1 Stair Set, x1 Stair Rail, x1 Bank Rail, and x4 Connectors.
Hubba Hideout: x1 Bank, x1 Bank Ledge, x1 Stair Set, x1 Stair Set Ledge, x2 Ledge Tops, x2 Connectors, and x4 Ledge Connectors.
Venice Ledge: x1 Left Bank, x1 Right Bank, and x2 Connectors.

Tech Decks that are included;
Blind - Reaper Ripper Deck
Real - Deedz Deck
Shut - Street Posse Deck

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