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StartRite IDOL Leather School Shoes (Black) 37-41.5

StartRite IDOL Leather School Shoes (Black) 37-41.5

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A feel-good fit is guaranteed with our Idol leather and patent school shoe. Perfect for senior girls, the elastic straps provides a secure fit while the biomechanically engineered sole is flexible and encourages natural, easy movement. Our Air Rite technology keeps feet fresh by encouraging air to flow, keeping feet cool and comfortable by reducing sweating.

  • Leaner, more mature shape while still ensuring free movement of the big toe joint for unihibited adventures
  • Lightweight & flexible sole for natural movement and healthy foot development
  • Breathable mesh linings for fresh, happy feet
  • Elastic strap for a secure fit with maximum comfort for active explorers
  • Soft leather upper that moulds to the foot
  • Biomechanically engineered sole with targeted flexibility for specific ages
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