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StartRite FLAIR Leather School Shoes (Black) 31-33

StartRite FLAIR Leather School Shoes (Black) 31-33

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Flair is a girl's school shoe that provides elegant comfort to long school days. A closed-in style with a brogue accent, the dyed-through black leather makes this a durable choice as any scuffs can be easily polished out and are easy to look after. The breathable textile/leather lining and padded collars give added comfort. Feet stay snug and secure with double adjustable straps, and the rip-tape fastening makes getting ready quick and easy. Dashing from classroom to playground is effortless with a biomechanically engineered lightweight and flexible sole.

  • Keep little feet dry and comfy
  • Padded ankles for added comfort and support
  • Rip-tape fastening for easy adjustment by little fingers
  • Biomechanically engineered sole with targeted flexibility for specific ages
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