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Magic Cat Publishing

Slow Down Nature Game

Slow Down Nature Game

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Build first literacy and sequencing skills with this nature-inspired card game.
Age  3+
illustrated by Freya Hartas
Game Box

Published January 2023

Match 15 'before' and 'after' nature moments. Then, turn the cards over to play again - but this time, use your memory to find each pair.

This card game builds first literacy and sequencing skills with all your favourite animals from Slow Down - an ideal game for 2-4 players.

FREYA HARTAS is a UK based illustrator specialising in children's books. She lives in the vibrant city of Bristol with her partner and their ancient black cat Katsu and works from her cosy, cluttered desk in a shared studio down the road. She graduated from Falmouth University with a first-class honours in BA Illustration in 2014. Freya loves to conjure up humorous characters, animals and monsters, creating the most fantastical worlds for them to inhabit and get lost in. Her first title with Magic Cat, Slow Down, was an instant hit around the world, selling in more than 16 languages.

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