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ShoesMe BABYFLEX Leather Toddler Shoes (Leopard) 19 only

ShoesMe BABYFLEX Leather Toddler Shoes (Leopard) 19 only

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Shoesme BabyFlex has been specially developed for children who discover the world while walking and playing. These shoes offer your little one the best protection, support and stimulation while learning to walk. This shoe has been developed with care and attention by Shoesme. It is finished in tan with black leopard spots and has handy Velcro closure. The sole is made of 100% rubber and provides extreme flexibility and cushioning and is wear-resistant.

The sole has a refined bumper and is finished all around on all sides, so that your little one can easily climb up when crawling or sitting. The perforated microfiber lining absorbs moisture and releases it again. This ventilates and protects the feet from heat and cold. The orthopedic footbed provides good support and is removable.



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