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ShoesMe BABY-PROOF Leather Trainer (Green)

ShoesMe BABY-PROOF Leather Trainer (Green)

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This basket sneaker is a light and super flexible shoe, specially developed for the first steps and subsequent steps. The supple, rubber sole flexes effortlessly with the feet. The sneaker has an anatomically removable footbed which makes walking extra comfortable and provides sufficient cushioning and support for the proper development of the feet. The sneaker is made of 100% leather and finished with premium materials such as a chrome-free leather lining. 

Both the last and the sole have been developed by Shoesme and therefore have a unique fit, especially for the phase from learning to walk to playing and romping. The rubber sole provides extra grip and security and is very durable. The shoe has an elastic lace closure with a handy Velcro strap above it, so you don't have to tie it every time. The trendy color scheme fully meets the current trends. Let your little one shine with these must-haves!

  • Sneaker suitable for the first steps
  • Good for the development of a child's foot
  • The shoe is made of 100% nubuck leather
  • The lining is made of 100% chrome-free leather
  • Extremely flexible sole of 100% natural rubber
  • Anatomically shaped footbed
  • Removable sole
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