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1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle Night At the Movies

1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle Night At the Movies

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Guess the movies while you build the puzzle Everybody loves a good jigsaw puzzle. Trouble is, once it’s been built, the challenge is over. Until now! In ‘Night at the Movies’, we’ve taken an ordinary drive-in cinema and packed it with 101 famous movies for you to find while you build! Tricky riddles, obvious answers: Our cryptic illustrations might be head-scratchers, but you’re guaranteed to have heard of the movie it’s referencing (once you figure it out, that is). Check them off as you go along: We’ve included a handy checklist to help players tick off the movies as they go along. An illustration that took forever: Wave goodbye to puzzles of stock photos — this 1,000 piece beauty is an original from one of our top illustrators.

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