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Ilaria Botanicals

Ilaria Awaken Shower Steamers 3pk

Ilaria Awaken Shower Steamers 3pk

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‘Awaken’ - with Eucalyptus & Peppermint for an energising, invigorating shower that also helps you breathe easier and decongest!

They are like bath bombs but for your shower (and exclusively for your shower - please don’t use them for baths).

Simply run the water a little to create some steam then place 1 steamer on the base of your shower, away from the direct stream of water. The steam and water sprinkles will activate the steamer, releasing the beautiful essential oil blend into the air. Breathe in deeply and enjoy this Spa experience at home!

Please note that steamers work best in shower cubicles, where the steam from the shower can build and it’s contained.

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