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Boho Spiral Dinner Candles Red/Green 4pk

Boho Spiral Dinner Candles Red/Green 4pk

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Add a twirl of texture to your dining room with these festive boho candles. The unusual Christmas candle to add a contemporary feel to your table, these red and green spiral candles are a fun twist (literally) on traditional. With a burn time of up to 7 hours, these candles bring the cosy flicker of candlelight for those long winter evenings.

Candle Size: Each candle is 25cm in height
Pack Size: Contains 4 candlesticks - 2x red and 2x green

Why we love these 'Red & Green Spiral Dinner Candles’:
Great to display all year round, these elegant and unique candles can make an impactful table decoration or accessory for any occasion. We love playing our after-dinner games late into the evening with the gentle lighting from these candles.

How to style these 'Red & Green Spiral Dinner Candles’:
Showcase their striking height and design using our red and green Christmas candle holders alongside our other spiral candle colour variations. Make a unique Christmas table display or enjoy the candles on your mantlepiece on those long winter evenings.

There are ways to fit a candle into a holder if it is too big - either run the candle under hot water to soften the wax. This can help ease the candle into the holder. If this still doesn’t work a paring knife can be used to gradually shave down the bottom of a dinner candle until it fits.
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