Spring is coming...

Spring is coming...

The bulbs are pushing through the ground, and its the second month of lockdown in Scotland but the days are getting longer, and love is in the air!

Valentines is usually a busy time in the shops, and I know things are a bit different this year...what am I saying?! Things couldn't really be more different this year!! But life has a funny way of working things out, as we are all adjusting to living differently, sharing time and holding space for growth and change. 

I'm taking the time to reassess the main focus of the shops this year, to see how we can hold steady the direction that Flux has always taken; towards sustainability and responsible trading.

Keep checking in here if you can, I have some wonderful new suppliers and products on the horizon, and if you can bear to subscribe, I promise there will be no flood of emails - any you do get will be considered and worthwhile.

On another note, I'd love to hear your reviews and insights on products you've bought from Flux, and any products you've bought during lockdown that have enhanced your life!

That's it for now, got to summon up the strength for another day of homeschooling ahead!!

Loads of love and all the best from

Bea xx




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