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Ancient Wisdom

Smudge Stick White Sage and Dragonsblood 10cm

Smudge Stick White Sage and Dragonsblood 10cm

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Embrace the ancient art of purification with our White Sage and Dragonsblood Smudge Stick. A harmonious blend of natural fragrances, designed to cleanse your customers' space and elevate their senses. Crafted with care and reverence, this 10 cm smudge stick is a powerful tool for rituals, meditation, and cleansing ceremonies.

White Sage is renowned for its cleansing properties, clearing negative energies and promoting spiritual balance. Infused with Dragons blood resin, harvested from rare and exotic trees, this smudge stick carries an enchanting aroma. Dragons blood resin is associated with protection, empowerment, and enhancing spiritual strength.

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