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Nattou Pacifinder/Dummy Clip Light Pink

Nattou Pacifinder/Dummy Clip Light Pink

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The pacifinder is an indispensable companion for parents of babies and toddlers - after all, it ensures that the pacifier does not get lost: With a practical clip that is gently attached to clothing or, for example, to the cuddly blanket, the pacifier stays in the desired place. Thanks to the hook and ring, all pacifier models can be attached to the chain. The soft silicone beads not only make the dummy chain a cute companion. For the little ones, it is an ideal helper in relieving teething pain.


  • Soft pacifier clip with flexible clip- Suitable for all types of dummies thanks to the different attachment possibilities: hook or ring
  • Adjustable plastic clip for gentle attachment to clothing- development of gross and fine motor skills with coloured labels
  • Quality assurance: 100% silicone material- stimulates the sense of touch
  • Easy maintenance: clean with soap and water
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